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Past Testimonials
Hi...I had to get a tow from Raleigh to Cary today and wanted to pass along thanks for the courteous and professional service Jason provided. He called me when he was on his way to get my car; I was waiting for a ride at my job to take me to my car and was afraid Jason would arrive before my brother-in-law and I got there. He confirmed my vehicle make and model and license plate so that he could start working if he did get to the car first, which he did. He was waiting for us and at my car. Jason took my information and my key and I was on site less than 3 minutes. As a busy person who still had to get home to finish work, I appreciated his calling ahead and that he kindly waited a few minutes until I made it to the car's location. As much as I hate dealing with car issues, having someone professional and nice to help get me from point A to point B was very helpful. Jason is an exemplary representative of East Coast Towing. Please pass along my gratitude and thanks for the excellent service.  G.F. - Raleigh

Joey came on Friday the 19th and towed my car (1992 Honda Prelude) from Capital Blvd to my home in Cary, NC.  I was very please with his service, he was very friendly, curteous and helpful.  I really appreciate the kind of guys that East Coast Towing has that does provide excellent customer service.  I am very satisfied & pleased.  Thank you! 

Thank you to East Coast Towing for such quick service when I locked my keys in my car on Sunday morning. Josh called about 5 min after I made a call to AAA and told he me was about 5 min out. He was friendly, efficient and didn't damage my car. I was embarrassed to have gotten myself into that predicament, but quick friendly service from AAA and East Coast Towing made me feel much better.   Thanks again, Cheryl 

Hi East Coast Towing,  I wanted to share an excellent experience with you regarding your service. I called AAA last Friday morning to have my vehicle unlocked--because the keys were locked in the vehicle. AAA quoted me that a technician would be out to my vehicle in 30 to 45 minutes from the end of the phone call. Ron with your company appeared onsite within 30 minutes and had unlocked my car no more than 2 minutes after that. He was polite, professional, and efficient. He also had the tact to ask me to complete this survey--which I was happy to do. I was extremely happy with Ron's service and speed. He literally made my morning because he kept me on track that morning.  He exceeded my expectations--in real ways. Before he arrived on the scene I called work advising them that I would be late. However Ron worked with such speed that I was able to make my starting shift in the morning. Now that is memorable service.  Thank you!

Hi, I am visiting a friend here in Raleigh to help her take care of her kids. Today, I got a flat tire on the way home from dropping her daughter at soccer camp. Happily, I had AAA, and more happily, they called East Coast Towing. I was rescued by Josh, who was quite prompt (beating the estimated 40 minute morning-rush-hour wait time of 40 minutes by a cool half-hour). He was also super efficient and friendly. It was a stress-free experience for a stressed-out out-of-town gal.  Many thanks!

Hello, Just to let you know, I had a motorcycle pick-up this AM and I was totally satisfied with the personnel you sent to the job (Wayne).  Professional and proficient.  Thanks,  Ron AAA member

Dear East Coast Towing: I am very delinquent in writing this, but I wanted to let you know what a HERO Brad was to me on a very rainy night this winter.  On 2/4/10 I had a flat tire very close to Greystone Village Shopping Center on Lead Mine Road.  I called AAA and they dispatch you guys.  Brad was on call that night and was my ray of sunshine.  He made what could have been a nightmarish experience as positive of one that it could have been.  He went out of his way to help me keep warm and dry and was very efficient in his work.   I am one very happy customer with you guys!  Thank you so much and a special thank you to Brad!  Thanks, Becky 

Hello, My car would not start a short time ago. I called triple A. They sent some over to my college where I work right away. The man that showed up was Ron. Ron was very nice and very professional. He explained a lot to me and offered a few different solutions. He got my car started and gave me a print out of my battery. He let me know the price of a new battery. Ron was simply great!! I would recommend both triple A and east coast towing to all my friends, family and coworkers from here on out. Thank you for stellar service!  Thank You, Lauren 

Greetings, I just wanted to let you know that my truck was towed by your company yesterday.  The gentleman that came to my rescue was Wayne.  He was great.  He took the time to go under my truck to see how bad the damage was.  Was super friendly, Took extra car in putting my truck on the flat bed, cleaned up the oil spill, and made my son and I really feel valued.  All in all Wayne made a very stressful situation as best it could be.  Please thank him again for me for his extra effort and friendliness.. Take care.

East Coast Towing: Tom assisted me with a dead battery today and I just wanted to let your company know what a great job he did.  He made it to my location 20 minutes earlier than the time I was quoted from AAA and he had my car up and running very quickly.  He was very courteous and I would/will recommend his services (as well as East Coast Towing services) to others. I have passed your contact information along to the building management firm of my building- Grubb and Ellis so that they may contact you with any future vehicle needs. Thanks for your help today. With Warm Regards, Bree

My apology,, I should have sent his sooner, however, I could not get my home computer working properly until today.  I had either Josh or Bill (actually I think both), came out to help me with a problem last Saturday. This was an AAA call.  Nothing traumatic, just locked my keys in the car.
Even though this was not a life threatening emergency, they responded very quickly to my call.
Both were very friendly and helpful, I am fully satisfied with the service. And due to my good experience, I will be recommending East Coast Towing to my friends. Thank you for all of your help.

Dear East Coast Towing: Jason did an EXCELLENT job helping me out with my car. Thanks a LOT! -Courtney 

Hello East Coast Towing: I recently received towing service from East Coast Towing via AAA Emergency Road Service. I found the service exceptional, and the driver, Donnie, knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous.  Thank you again, Tracie

Dear East Coast Towing:  I am just touching base with your business about my experience with having my car towed today. Jay came to pick up my ’96 Audi A4 from Macgregor Park this afternoon around 1:40pm and took it to Import Performance on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh. Jay was very professional and quick at doing his job. I was very satisfied with the service. Thank you.  Russell

Dear East Coast Towing: I would like to thank you for the excellent service by Jeff.  He was very friendly and nice.  I was very impressed with his acknowledgement on how to tow my son's vehicle.  My son's Lincoln LS broke a ball joint and Jeff put it on the tow truck with out denting the car.  Very impressive.  I know that everyone speaks up when something is wrong.  I just wanted to make sure I sent in a positive comment.  Jeff gave us excellent service.  Thank you,  Sabrina 

Hello East Coast Towing: Yesterday, Tom came to rescue me...I had a nail in my rear driver-side tire.  (This was a AAA referral done in a parking lot off Rock Quarry Rd.) Just want you to know he did a great job.  He was very prompt, assessed the situation and offered me the deal of a lifetime...remove the nail on site and repair the tire for $15.   He was polite and speedy, to boot. Good job and many thanks, Claudia 

Hello, Thank you for having Richard helps us out Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 when we locked the keys in our rental car.  We were told that it would probably be about 40 minutes before help arrived.  I received a call within five minutes and shortly after that Richard showed up and got the door opened and was on his way.  Again thanks so much for terrific service.  He was very polite and courteous.  Sincerely, Karen 

Dear East Coast Towing:  I wanted you to know how satisfied I am with the service call from your team this morning. Tom and Bill were the East Coast team who responded to my call to AAA regarding a dead battery in my Infiniti J30. They fully tested the battery and related charging system. The battery was nearly 6 years old and , even after the charge, was showing a poor reading on it's capability to crank an engine during startup. I had Tom and Bill change the battery with the AAA 6-year warranteed battery. They were fast and efficient in doing such. As employees of East Coast Towing you should know that they were also very customer-oriented; i.e. polite and courteous.
By the way, I just got off the phone with AAA who called regarding my satisfaction with the service call. I told them I was most satisfied and told them that I give East Coast Towing the best rating I could.  Thanks again. Sincerely, Ron 

Dear Folks, I wanted to express how happy and totally satisfied I am with the service I received from East Coast Towing.  Donnie, the driver, was prompt and stayed in touch with me until his arrival at my house.  He was extremely helpful and a gentleman!  He is indeed an excellent representative for East Coast Towing!  Thank you and I appreciate the service. Barry 

Hi ,
Marcus was great, he helped me diagnose what was going on and gave me locations to look into my car issue. I had to call AAA two times in one day and both times I got your company ECT.  Great!  I hope I don’t need you but if I do it will work out good. Many thanks.  Shannon 

Saturday, Feburary 20 Bryan responded to my AAA call.  I had locked my keys in my car.  He arrived quickly, had me back in the driver's set in no time.  He was very polite and helpful.  Thanks so much for fantastic service.  Janet 

Just writing to say I was totally satisfied with my AAA/East Coast Towing experience. My name is Mark L. Service was on 2/24/2010 at about 9:45PM. Picked up at intersection of Edwards Mill Rd. and John Humphries Wynd in Raleigh, NC. Was helped by Jason. I was Totally Satisfied! Jason was prompt and polite. He answered my questions and got the job done. Thank you Jason. Thank you, Mark AAA Customer 

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